Skill Development

Protibha is dedicated to elevating employability by empowering individuals through a range of skill development activities. This project is a beacon of opportunity, providing free handcrafting training to women, enabling them to hone their skills and emerge as skilled artisans.

With a focus on fostering entrepreneurship and self-sufficiency, Protibha aspires to illuminate a path towards a brighter future for these individuals and their communities. The project is unwavering in its commitment to making a positive impact on society, actively promoting skill development and paving the way for sustainable livelihoods.This approach ensures that training is linked to economic and employment opportunities and that disadvantaged target groups, including poor women and people with disabilities, can take advantage of these opportunities and thereby be economically empowered and equipped.

  • Need Assessment
  • Admission Requirement and Process
  • Modules Development
  • HR and Logistics Management
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting
  • Post-training Activities

As a result of these efforts, 600 women have successfully established a source of income for themselves, creating a ripple effect of empowerment and prosperity. Protibha stands as a testament to the transformative power of skill development in shaping lives and building stronger, more resilient communities.

Why Protibha?

To empower families nationwide through developing crafting skills and commercializing Bangladeshi artisan products globally.

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