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Rickshaw Art

Protibha started working on rickshaw art since 2014. And the artist personal experience with rickshaw art for 25-30 years. Trying to practice this rickshaw art by training and providing the new artist a new source of income. Introducing rickshaw art as heritage culture to the modern world.

To hold our legacy, inspire them on that particular sector and increasing their livelihood, their artistic product exposes to you, to get profit, which will share with them

Folk Art

Folk art generally includes those articles that are traditionally made by communities of people to satisfy their religious, social, and aesthetic needs. alpana or painting floors with rice paste, manasaghat, laksmir sara, mabgalghat, etc, are connected with social and cultural practices of the people and have no commercial value However, chal chitra and paintings on canvas, which have religious connotations, are also a means of livelihood.

We are building a platform so that the customers can easily find folk art on several products and also make customized orders. Through this platform, artists get a marketplace for displaying their talent by art on products and get a way to earn money


From a pastime for grandmas to sweeping the runway, crochet has taken the fashion industry by storm. On social media platforms, people are incorporating crochet elements into their outfits, so we caught up with some enthusiasts to get a feel for it.

We are building a platform so that our customers can easily find these handcraft crochets and make customized orders. Also, through this platform, artists can create a marketplace and get a better way to earn money.

Why Protibha?

To empower families nationwide through developing crafting skills and commercializing Bangladeshi artisan products globally.

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