Knowledge Development​

Knowledge Development

Knowledge development plays a vital role in marginalized communities as it serves as a tool for empowerment, growth, and social progress. Under this project Protibha aims to create awareness among the community on different social aspects, like:

Financial Literacy Activity

Financial literacy activity is important because it allows individuals to gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to make sound financial decisions, contribute to economic stability, and improve their overall financial well-being. Protibha also provide literacy programs, workshops on budgeting and savings, and promoting economic opportunities within the community to enhance overall financial well-being.

Entrepreneurial Workshop

This workshop empowers individuals to unleash their entrepreneurial potential, contribute to the local economy, and create job opportunities for others, thereby positively impacting the overall growth and prosperity of the community. . These workshops offer practical insights into various aspects of entrepreneurship, such as business planning, marketing strategies, financial management, and problem-solving. By attending these workshops, community members gain confidence, inspiration, and motivation to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood Development program under the Knowledge Development community awareness project is crucial in marginalized communities as it ensures equal opportunity, breaks the cycle of poverty, enhances cognitive and social skills, ensures holistic development, and empowers the community for sustainable change.

Why Protibha?

To empower families nationwide through developing crafting skills and commercializing Bangladeshi artisan products globally.

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