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Protibha is an Initiative of It’s Humanity Foundation’s Livelihood Program’ which translates to ‘Talent’ in Bangla. This initiative was designed not only to provide training and market access for women in marginalized rural and suburban areas, enabling them to showcase their craftsmanship, but also to establish an additional source of income for their families. The overarching objective is to empower these women to earn supplemental income, thereby reducing the necessity for their children to become child laborers. Protibha stands as a symbol of hope, ensuring a sustainable income stream for these women within their own communities. This strategic approach lightens the financial burden on students, affording them the opportunity to concentrate on their education rather than having to work at a young age.

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We are endowed with the donations from some organizations who hold a feeling of responsibility for the underprivileged people of Bangladesh.

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To empower families nationwide through developing crafting skills and commercializing Bangladeshi artisan products globally.

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